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Phinest in the Nation Printed Patch | Phan Art

Phinest in the Nation Printed Patch | Phan Art

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Use this handmade patch on clothing, shoes, hat or accessories. For best results use on cotton or denim materials. Our embroidered border and printed graphic patches are detailed with a clean background, sharp lettering that is ready to be applied onto your favorite jacket, vest, shorts or jeans! Our patches come with iron-on backing as an easy and fast way of attachment, but we recommend sewing on your patch to ensure the most secure way of attachment and the long-term durability of the patch.

* 4.25" x 2.5" inches (est) with boarder
*Type: Iron or Sew/Stitch On
* Item is handmade
* Polyester / Adhesive / Forrest Green Ink
* Listing is for one patch only

PLEASE NOTE: Do not apply to heat-sensitive material, which might cause damage to the fabric. We are not responsible for any damage that might occur
to the garment during the applying process due to user error.

* Lay patch where you would like it and stitch around the outside of the patch

* Set the temperature of the iron to 375-400°F or irons highest setting
* Use a Teflon sheet or some other protective layer on top of the patch to protect the iron from any ink transfer.
* Press with heavy pressure from the middle of the patch outward toward the edges. The pressing time is usually a minute.
* It is important that very heavy and even pressure is applied to the patch
* Allow the patch to cool and check the edges of the patch to see if this area has adhered to the substrate.
* Some substrates may require more or less time to allow adherence of the patch.
* Should glue on patch fail to hold, a few drops of Liquid Stitch Glue can help re-adhere or place a few stitches around the border.

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