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The Lot Sampler Box! 30+ items valued at more than $250

The Lot Sampler Box! 30+ items valued at more than $250

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Introducing The Lot Sampler Box! 

This box is jam packed with 30+ items valued at more than $250. In addition to items from my store, the box also contains items from 16 vendors, like me, found in The Lot by Primal Soup. with FREE SHIPPING via the USPS!

Only 10 boxes are available. Keep the box for yourself or use it to get a head start on your holiday shopping!

The Lot by Primal Soup is the original virtual marketplace and features dozens of vendors from tour and beyond.

Included in the box:


“Your Trip is Short” Keychain/Bottle-Opener

Phish Postcard Set (6)

Grateful Sweats

Madison Square Garden (YEMSG) 2” Pin

Ms. Bliss Designs

Girl Woman Goddess Sticker

This is a Farmhouse

Donut Stash Jar 3.5”

Wolfman's Cousin

Donut Santa 2” Pin

Land of Lizards 1.25” Pin

Phish Sticker Set (4)


Classic Venue Postcard Set (5)

Rose & Bolt

Classic Phish Donut (Sparkly) Silver 1” Pin

You Enjoy My Vegan

Donut/Maze Design Organic  17” x 17.5” Bandana

Phrames etc.

Phish Winter Beanie (Fluffhead or Halleys)

 Four Winds Handmade

Mini 9” Prism Suncatcher/Rainbow Maker

Love Light Etc

Bethel Woods Commemorative Hand-Poured Soy Wax Candles 8oz 

Cumberland Groove

Phish Sticker Pack (4)

Snugpups Dog Coats

Donut Dog Bow Tie

Travel Water Bowl

Leah Creation Jewelry

Vinyl Record Holiday Ornament 3” (One of a Kind)

Strange Design Co

Rage with Page Sticker

Holographic Sticker

PLUS Bonus Gifts from The Lot by Primal Soup

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